Flashing Lights.

Troubleshooting steps if your Ratio has unusual flashing lights when brewing.

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Three Lights Before Brewing.

If your unit is slowly flashing all three lights together after the brew button has been touched, it is an indicator that there is not enough water in the tank or the carafe is not in place. 

In order for the brew cycle to begin, add at least this much water: 

  • For the Ratio Six, fill to at least the “2 cups” marking on the side of the tank. Ratio Six requires around 6-8oz of water.
  • For Ratio Eight units built after Sep 1, 2021, use at least 8 ounces of water. 
  • For Ratio Eight units built before Sep 1, 2021, use at least 12-16 ounces of water.  

1. Testing the Water Level.

Put the carafe in place and tap the brew button, and you should notice all three lights flashing. Pour water into the tank, and as soon as there's enough water in the tank the lights will shut off and the Bloom will remain on and begin to brew. If you added water the night before brewing, the machine's water level sensor may not be able to register that water is present due to bubbles that might have formed on the side of the tank; stir the water around if this is the case!

2. Centering the Carafe.

Once the water is in the tank and ready to go, tap the button to start and gently shift the carafe around the base. Once it's centered, the other lights will shut off and the Bloom will remain on and begin to brew.

3. Checking the Magnet.

Each carafe has a magnet in the center. If you're using a thermal carafe and you’ve made sure it’s centered, then it’s time to test the magnet.

To test the magnet, use a fridge magnet and run it along the bottom of the carafe; the magnet should register at the center of the base. If the machine does not register either type of carafe, the magnet itself may be the issue. With water in the tank, place any strong household or fridge magnet on the base of the unit and see if the brew cycle will begin. If it does, contact us to get a replacement carafe.

If you have already checked the above items you may have an air bubble trapped in one of the water lines.

If you have water in the tank gently rock the unit back and forth or side to side. You may see an air bubble come up from the waterline.


Another troubleshooting step would be to remove the water and then refill the tank.

    • Unplug the Ratio and remove the fill lid from the top of the unit. Face the unit away from you and lift it up over a sink and tip it forward to remove the water. Be careful not to let the water touch the wood trim.
    • Place the Ratio on the counter and then refill the tank all the way and press the button. The unit should then begin the brewing process.
  • We recommend filling your water reservoir right before use. Letting water sit in the reservoir overnight can increase the likelihood of air bubbles occurring.

If you are still having issues contact us to resolve it.

Three Lights Immediately After Brewing.

If the brew cycle progresses directly into all three lights slowly flashing together, this is an indication that the machine is overheating and you should contact us to resolve it.

Flickering Lights Mid-Brew.

In the middle of a brew cycle, any combination of phase lights blinking rapidly together (e.g. all three, bloom and ready, etc) is an indication of an electrical issue. Contact us for steps on how to proceed with a warranty service. 

 Bloom Light Flashing Indefinitely.

The bloom light flashing indefinitely is an indicator of an electrical issue due to use, wear, or an issue with the internal parts. One of the core electrical components may have been damaged. Please contact us for steps on how to proceed with a warranty service. 


When in doubt, take a video capturing the behavior and send it to hello@ratiocoffee.com.