Our favorite grinders to pair with your Ratio.



Are you having trouble dialing in your coffee? Grind and dosage are common hurdles that can make brewing delicious coffee quite a process. Ultimately, a burr grinder is what will allow you to start brewing better coffee. Here are a few of our favorite grinders that we recommend for the Ratio.

Baratza Encore ($139)

The Baratza Encore is a simple, rugged, and versatile grinder. The only drawback is it runs a bit loud. It does make quick work of the job, so this is not a big issue. You can expect a consistent grind after setting for your favorite coffee and it will not disappoint.


Baratza Virtuoso ($229)

A step up from the Encore is the Baratza Virtuoso. Rather than plastic, the chassis of the Virtuoso is metal. This will provide the same consistent grind as the lower model, but runs quieter with a more efficient motor, and looks arguably nicer.