Top 5 Tips for Ratio Six

We’ve put together a list of our top five tips for making the most of your Ratio Six 

Plug it in, plug it in

To insert the power cord, place a hand on the opposite side of the brewer base, then push the cable firmly into the connector. You should feel a soft click. 


Let it breathe

To keep your tank dry, give the fill lid a quarter turn to allow airflow. Take a deep breath in through the nose for even more relaxation.


Keep it clear

If you use the coffee carafe to fill the water tank you’ll transfer coffee oils that leave a residue on the tank. Instead use a separate glass carafe and give it a slow and steady pour.


Your main squeeze

Grip the carafe lid on opposite sides of the lever, rather than using the lever itself. We’re all about that lid lever longevity, baby!RATIO-Six-Help-Article-Carafe-Lid-2

Everything flows

Tip the carafe before pressing down on the lever. Then, just let the goodness flow.